Full Stack Web Development with Clojure

You will develop a data analytics system like the one shown below to analyze stock market data.

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Course Duration: 3-6 month

</> Phase 1: Clojure (Core)

  1. Basic Concepts of Computer Programming
  2. Setting up your Clojure programming environment
  3. Functional Programming
  4. Why Clojure?
  5. LISP syntax
  6. Clojure programming

</> Phase 2: Web Software Engineering (Core)

  1. Software Requirement Specification & Business Logic
  2. Architecting your project
  3. Source Code Management using GIT and Github
  4. Using databases SQL & NoSQL databases and (SQL) Structured Query Language
  5. Web application Client & Server introduction
    1. Introduction to web server and Nginx
    2. Nginx configuration
    3. Serving web pages
  6. Basic Concepts of how web applications work
  7. Front End Programming 1: HTML
  8. Front End Programming 2: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  9. Front End Programming 3: Javascript
  10. Testing your project
  11. Setting up a server, domain name and deploying your project

</> Phase 3: Web development with Clojure (Advanced)

  1. Software development process and SCRUM
  2. Product Design
  3. Reusable code design
  4. Database design
  5. Encryption and Cryptography for the project
  6. Using Programming Frameworks
  7. Multithreading and Concurrency application in the project
  8. Linux Server Administration

</> Phase 4: Web development with Clojure (UI)

  1. Introduction
  2. Websocket programming for real time streaming of data from the server
  3. Introduction to Service workers, Web workers and Web Assembly
  4. Single Page Application architecture and enabling offline mode


  • A laptop or desktop computer with microphone and speaker. (We prefer Mac Or Linux. Windows will be fine too)
  • Internet connection.
  • Basic understanding of how computers and the internet works.
  • Google account (Gmail or an account through which google Hangout calls can be made).


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