Clojurescript Single Page Application Development

You will be developing an Admin Dashboard with Clojurescript

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Course Duration: 1 month

</> Phase 1 Clojure (Core)
  1. Setting up your Clojure programming environment
  2. Functional Programming
  3. Why Clojure?
  4. LISP syntax
  5. Clojure programming
</> Phase 2 Clojurescript (Core)
  1. Setting up your Clojurescript programming environment
  2. Javascript interoperability
  3. Introduction to Reactive programming
  4. Building web component using reagent
  5. Front end architecture
  6. Fecthing data from the backend
  7. Introduction to Asynchronous channels
  8. Front end authentication
  9. Creating reusable components
  • This course is for web developers who want to use cloujurescript for their front end development.
  • A laptop or desktop computer with microphone and speaker. (We prefer Mac Or Linux. Windows will be fine too)
  • Internet connection.
  • Basic understanding of how computers and the internet works.
  • Google account (Gmail or an account through which google Hangout calls can be made).
Clojurescript Single Page Application Development


Develop an admin dashboard as a Single Page Application with Clojurescript